Our mission is to empower beginners with graphic design knowledge and skills to create a vehicle toward personal and professional freedom.

Learning Goals

Every learner’s goal is different. Some of your goals may be to:

  • Complete a design task
  • Overcome a design challenge
  • Gain competency to execute or direct a project
  • Create meaningful design work for personal or professional goals
  • Develop a career in design

Learning Values

We believe the keys to learning and retaining design skills incorporates these values:

  • Commitment
  • Repetition
  • Replication/Duplication
  • Iteration
  • Inspiration

About Shannel

Shannel Wheeler is a graphic designer, two-time author, creative strategist, and founder of Awesome Design Academy. Her passion and purpose in design stem from her love for art as a child and have grown from a myriad of experiences in Corporate America, startups, nonprofits, and her own business ventures over the last 15+ years. Shannel’s vision is to empower and inspire beginners (both working professionals and aspirating designers) through fun and easy learning tools. Because of the immense opportunities that design has brought to her life, she looks to give back and transfer that knowledge to her community.

Shannel is also an Ohio State (go Bucks!) and SCAD alum, chocolate lover, football fan, and recovering coffee addict (kinda).